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Our Approach

Initial Chiropractic Consultation

Dr. Carrie gives a female patient a chiropractic neck adjustment.

Dr. Carrie gives a female patient a chiropractic neck adjustment.

The consultation serves the purpose of determining how chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, or other holistic treatments can benefit you. During the consultation Dr. Carrie will go over your entire health history to gather a thorough understanding of you and your health concerns. Together, we will discuss the best techniques and treatments to eliminate the cause of any health issues you hope to resolve.

During the examination, Dr. Carrie will assess your spine, posture, gait, and the function of your body. A variety of tests will be performed to establish the root of the problem. A specific area of the spine may be identified, and any additional systems/areas may also be recognized which may be contributing to your pain or discomfort. Throughout the process, Dr. Carrie will be openly communicating with you and keeping you involved in determining what she can and will do to treat you.

Once all your information has been gathered and evaluated as a whole, Dr. Carrie will make some suggestions of all of the possible treatments available to help treat the cause of your condition. Again, together we will decide which treatments might be best for you and the steps necessary to improve your particular situation.


An x-ray is sometimes required to receive a full evaluation of the patient. We do have state of the art x-ray facilities at our office, but the need for an x-ray is considered on a case-by-case basis.


Dr. Carrie’s approach to chiropractic depends heavily on the use of massage prior to adjustment. If you’ve been to a chiropractor before, you may have experienced the 5 minute adjustment where the doctor simply brings you in, “cracks” your bones and sends you on your way. This will NOT be the experience at Collyard Chiropractic. During a typical visit, Laura, our massage therapist and chiropractic assistant, will prepare you for your chiropractic adjustment with a few minutes of deep tissue massage. This will loosen your muscles in preparation for your chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Carrie. Education is also very important. During treatment, Dr. Carrie will describe to you what she is doing and when you leave she will also give you exercises and therapies that you can do on your own to improve your situation.

A typical treatment really depends on the individual patient. Some patients will get relief during their very first visit. Other patients, especially those that have had pain for a long period of time or from an accident, may require several or repeated treatments before relief can be achieved. Some patients find that chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy alone satisfy their needs while others can take advantage of acupuncture, nutritional and herbal treatments or some combination of these.

Chiropractic and holistic health treatments are based on the proactive approach of treating the cause of your problem and then keeping you healthy rather than traditional medicine’s reactive approach of treating the pain and symptoms after a health issue is already a problem. Therefore, after your initial problem is resolved, Dr. Carrie will recommend that you continue to see her on a regular basis to keep yourself healthy proactively. However, this is a decision that you can make and you will certainly not be forced or “guilted” into feeling like you must come back on a regular schedule.

Who Can Be Treated?

Dr. Carrie gives a young child a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Carrie gives a young child a chiropractic adjustment.

All of the treatments that Dr. Carrie performs are gentle enough for everyone from infants to senior citizens but still extremely effective for active and otherwise healthy individuals and athletes. Dr. Carrie treats entire families, children and infants, seniors, athletes, individuals who have had personal or auto accident injuries, pregnant women, anyone looking to get healthy, naturally.

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