One of the most common questions I get asked is, “what do you use acupuncture for”? I generally rattle off a long list of complaints and concerns that have appeared on my table. The truth is, I believe there is nothing acupuncture cannot effect.

The most common complaint we treat with acupuncture is pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. This is because we are a chiropractic office. Most people who walk in our door are experiencing one (or all) of these complaints. We often utilize acupuncture in conjunction with our chiropractic care in an effort to decrease the patient’s complaints in a timely matter. However, acupuncture can (and often does) stand on its own.

Beyond skeletal complaints I have provided acupuncture therapy for many patients including, but not limited to, gastric reflux, irritable bowel, stress, anxiety, and depression. Acupuncture has aided patients in our office with headaches, tendonitis and difficulty sleeping. Acupressure (same technique without the needles) is used on children as well as adults to influence healing, decreasing pain and promoting health.

Long story short…you name it…I can provide acupuncture for it. The end.

Dr. Carrie