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Electrodermal Screening

What is Electrodermal Screening (EDS)?

Some 4000-5000 years ago, ancient Chinese healers discovered channels of energy (called meridians) that correspond to all the organs and tissues of the body. These meridians were determined to end on the hands and feet. Electrodermal Screening (also sometimes referred to as Meridian Stress Assessment or MSA) measures your body’s ability to conduct this meridian energy through these end points and is able to determine ways to achieve healthy energy balance.

Initially the functioning of all your major organs is assessed by doing a complete scan of the meridians. Once we find a balanced meridian it is then re-tested it in the presence of a stressor. If the stressor brings the point out of balance it is determined that the patient has a sensitivity or allergy to it. This is called “stress” or “sensitivity” testing. Finally we find a natural remedy which brings these points back into balance and helps support your stressed or weakened organ systems.

By using today’s latest computer technology, EDS can “read” the levels of your energy channels and then identify those things that are causing weakness or stress in your body with amazing accuracy. It is based on what your body’s energy system is saying. No guess work is involved!

What ails you?

You encounter hundreds of different toxins everyday, some of which you may have a sensitivity to. When you’re healthy, you can clean the toxins out quite easily and have no symptoms. But when your system becomes overwhelmed physically, chemically and emotionally, you can no longer clear them out and you become “toxic”. Here are just some of the signs of toxic overload which can be treated using Electrodermal Screening:

  • Allergies
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Frequent illness
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Joint pain
  • Mental confusion or exhaustion
  • Nausea

Frequently Asked Questions

Tea Tree

A must-have for your first-aid kit. Renowned for treating infections of mouth and gums, acne, bacterial, yeast or viral infections. Apply it behind your ears for ear infections.

Do I have to keep coming back for appointments?

Sometimes it may take a number of adjustments over several weeks before the muscles and ligaments are stable enough to prevent the spinal misalignment from recurring. It is important to keep in mind that pain is usually the last symptom to appear and the first to go away. Your symptoms may decrease significantly in a few visits, but the underlying cause of the pain is not usually completely resolved.

Once we have eliminated your pain and rehabilitated the involved tissues we recommend you maintain a schedule of periodic spinal checkups. Prevention is the key to reducing recurrences of conditions and minimizing future injuries.

Are there side effects or complications?

Side effects are rare when treated by an experienced practitioner. However, a small number of patients have reactions that include nausea, lightheadedness and fainting. We will discuss any concerns with you prior to treatment to ensure utmost effectiveness.

Will my insurance cover acupuncture treatments?

Unfortunately, many insurance companies still do not cover acupuncture therapy. Check with your carrier to determine your coverage.

Do you use clean needles?

We use disposable needles. They are sterile, individually packaged and discarded according to medical bio-hazard regulations.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends on the nature, severity and duration of your complaint. You may only need one treatment for an acute condition, or several over time for long term conditions.

How deep do the needles go into the skin?

Points can be needled in the range of 15 degrees to ninety degrees relative to the skins surface. The depth depends on the nature of the problem, the location of the points, and the patient’s age, size and structure.

Does It Hurt?

In most cases, the patient should feel a sensation. The patient may feel cramping, tingling, heaviness or an electric sensation around the needle or traveling along the affected pathway. In any case, the patient may feel discomfort, but not pain.

Who benefits from chiropractic care?

Almost everyone benefits from modern, safe, effective chiropractic care, infants to the elderly. Chiropractic not only helps muscle and joint pain, but also can have an affect on many other conditions. A spinal adjustment can relieve the effects of nerve pressure, thereby allowing the body to return to its natural state. We do not accept a case unless we believe there is a good chance that chiropractic can help you.

Why is the spine so important?

Your spine is designed to support your weight and protect your spinal cord (the vital link connecting your brain to the rest of your body). The spinal cord travels through your spine, which is made up of 24 moving vertebrae. When these vertebrae become malpositioned, they can put pressure on the spinal cord and irritate the nervous system. Since the nervous system connects to every cell in the body, a problem in your spine can cause a problem with any tissue or organ. This is why chiropractors locate and correct these areas of spinal dysfunction.

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