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A patient receives a massage at Collyard Chiropractic.

A patient receives a massage at Collyard Chiropractic.

Massage therapy (or technically speaking; myofacial release and trigger point therapy) is the utilization of manual pressure to lengthen muscle tissue, strip out scar tissue and remove pressure from the nervous system. This process decreases discomfort and improves muscle function and mobility. Massage can be used to treat specific heath issues like headaches, neck, back or muscle pain but is great for physical and emotional well-being.

Massage is an important part of Dr. Carrie’s approach to chiropractic treatment. By using massage and trigger point therapy on specific areas in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, the results are often much better and the patient sees results more quickly. In a day and age when many chiropractors spend less and less time with patients in an effort to move more patients through their doors, this technique is less and less common and differentiates Dr. Carrie from many of her counterparts in the market.

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