“Behind every good kid is a mom pretty sure she is screwing everything up.”

A mom called our office a while ago desperate to get her infant son in for a spinal check after he had fallen out of the grocery cart. She sounded distraught; concerned that he had suffered a concussion or worse. I happened to answer the phone that day and urged her to bring him in as soon as she could. Although our schedule was very full, I was able to get her and her son in an exam room about 10 minutes after they arrived.

I closed the door behind me, glanced at the baby and stated, “Well, he looks ok, how are you?” She broke into tears. “I only looked away for a second”, she said. I gently held the mom as she held the baby. I spent the next several minutes examining the baby, teaching Mom what to watch for, relaying my own tribulation as a mom, and reassuring her that this incident had no reflection on her motherhood, which she had been quietly contemplating in her head.

The baby was fine. And by the end of our visit, so was Mom. She sent me a very nice note later thanking me for my attention to both of them at their visit. I am just glad that she trusted my office enough to let me be one of the people “in her village” that day.

At Collyard Chiro we clearly understand that every patient is important. And sometimes the one who needs us most is the mom who is pretty sure she is screwing everything up!

Peace, Friends!