I was inspired by my work day a few weeks ago. Not because it was extraordinarily different from any day of work. Rather, because the realm of our “every day” exceeds what most people think of chiropractic care. I saw 21 patient this day. By all standards, a slow day at the office.

With patient #5 I filled my coffee a raised a toast in the waiting room. We celebrated his last visit with us as he packed and prepared for a move to Chanhassen that brought him so much closer to his grandchildren. I hugged him goodbye. Told I was sad to see him go but was super excited for his life change.

I cried with patient #8 and mom as they told me “yesterday was a hard day”. The day prior the 12 year old on the table was told that the brain tumor she had surgically removed in May was starting to grow back. She was told she would now have to undergo radiation. I did my best to hold it together as I leaned in to hug the mom as she whispered, “Dr Carrie, why couldn’t it be me” in my ear. I then turned to the young lady on the table. I explained that no mom wants to see her child in pain. Ever. I told her she was strong. Told her I believed in the power of the human body, that she was going to beat this thing. We put a plan of attack in order.

Patient #9 was nine+ months pregnant. At her visit after treatment we made plans for my visit to the hospital to see her and her new baby which was coming the following Monday. I helped her walk to the car.

I did the Happy Dance with patient #10 because she had experienced relief from her low back complaints for the first time in 20 years.

Patient #14 and I discussed upcoming life events. He was expecting his 3rd child in a few months and they were in the middle of building a new home. All stressful enough. Two weeks ago his wife was tested for the breast cancer gene because of her family history (her sister was diagnosed a year ago). She tested positive. Once done breast feeding she will undergo a double mastectomy in hopes it will prevent a future diagnosis. A year following she will have a complete hysterectomy. We discussed the surgery, the recovery, and how it will affect her mind and body.

From there I went right into a room with patient #15 who was just returning from a doctor’s visit with his wife where she had the port removed from her chest signifying her successful fight against breast cancer and a bright future.

Finally, I had a lengthy conversation with patient #16, a ten year old boy about football plays and upcoming game match ups. A boy who I have had the pleasure of taking care of for the past 3 years. A boy who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. A Boy who didn’t speak a word to me for the first year. Really.

A good, God filled day.

I have always believed good doctor takes care of the human body but great doctor cares for the human spirit. This day was that and more. Thanks, Friends…..Dr. Carrie