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I have to give a little love here – Your clinic is amazing. I have been seeing Dr. Laura for about a month or so. I came into the clinic with numbness that made doing daily things very hard, pain which caused me to not move as I should and daily headaches. After just a few adjustments and some good loving care and some vitamin recommendations; I feel like a brand new woman (even feeling more like my own age)! The pain has decreased substantially and I really do believe I owe this to Dr. Laura! I just needed to share this because chiropractic care really does make a difference and Dr. Laura has helped me to feel like the age I really am again!!!!! Thank you Dr. Laura and Thank you Collyard Chiropractic!!

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Sara Opitz, Otsego, MN

Just wanted to give a word of thanks for all you have taught us. Charlie came down with a 101 temp on Saturday. It continued through Sunday while reaching over 102. We started on the Colostrum mixed in his milk and tea tree oil at every opportunity we had. Sunday he woke up with a fever (?) of 99. He took a long nap and woke up energized, ready to eat & take on the world!

We never would have had this knowledge without you!

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Kayla Conrad, Elk River, MN

At around three months of age, our little guy “S” was suffering from reflux and constipation. We were at wits’ end, dealing with the poor little guy’s reflux and constant spitting up, combined with the pain and discomfort of tummy problems. When we first visited Dr. Carrie, she assessed “S” and we developed a plan of action. I have to admit, I was frightened and very nervous at our first appointment (seeing your baby being adjusted was a lot for a mommy to handle), but Dr. Carrie took everything slow, explaining each step she was going to do ahead of time and preparing me for what was next. We started seeing Dr. Carrie weekly and started to see improvements soon after. We were also able to start “S” on a regular essential oil treatment, which has worked wonders on not only our little guy, but our entire family!

Fast forward several months, we now have a VERY happy 8 1/2 month old who is off of his reflux medication completely (we had tried several routes before trying chiropractic care)! He has no more tummy issues and is growing into a very busy little guy. We still see Dr. Carrie once a month and will continue to work with her on keeping him well adjusted and happy. We are so thankful for Dr. Carrie and her team at Collyard Chiropractic! They have been so patient, knowledgeable and amazing people to work with. I have to admit, at first I had my doubts about going in a different direction than what our pediatrician recommended, but looking back on the past 5+ months, I am so happy we put our trust in Dr. Carrie!

She gave this mommy and baby their happy life back!

Cassie, Elk River, MN

I have been in marathon training and pain and stiffness in my legs, reduced flexibility and general discomfort made finding effective massage a necessity. The discomfort interferes with my training, my performance and certainly the amount of enjoyment I get in participating in marathons, half marathons and shorter races.

I receive 60 minute massage sessions from Laura and she has helped, along with my regular chiropractic sessions, to return the joy of running to me. Pain in my legs and lower back has been eliminated, my running times are better and my recovery between training sessions and races has been reduced. All of this benefit has been a direct result of my massage sessions with Laura.

I 100% recommend a massage session from Laura and you, too, will discover how good it feels to feel good again.

Darcy Debing, Maple Plain, MN

I had visited Dr. Carrie’s website and was very impressed by her testimonials and also her vision for wellness. Later, she was recommended by a client who had a similar medical situation as mine. I decided to go ahead and see if this was the real deal. I have had chiropractic and acupuncture care in the past but did not get the feeling of genuine caring or commitment to my wellness as I did at Collyard Chiropractic.

Everything in life depends on something else to work properly (or better), so I believe in combining all of Collyard Chiropractic’s services for an overall well state of mind and body.

I have and continue to urge family, friends and even medical professionals who have struggled with medical issues. Dr. Carrie will put every effort into the best treatment for each situation without judgment. She will provide you excellent customer service no matter if you are a patient who only comes in when it REALLY hurts, or on a regular maintenance schedule. Dr. Carrie and her team ‘Gets It.’

Ann Holt, Rogers, MN

I had been suffering from a very painful choking feeling in my throat and chest for about 6 months. I felt weak and tired because I was really unable to eat due to the pain. I’d been to many medical doctors and tried a variety of medicines that they prescribed all to no avail.

After several chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Carrie, I feel 95% better! The adjustments helped clear my throat and eating is no longer uncomfortable or painful. I now feel stronger and I have more energy and ambition than I have in months. I would definitely recommend Dr. Carrie and her staff!

Arleen Claassen, Elk River, MN

A couple months after our son came into the world, my husband and I noticed he favored one side and was uncomfortable moving his head and neck to the right. We were unsure why this was and when we brought him in for his 3 month check up the doctor told us we need to make sure we keep switching his head to each side. If he continued to lie on just one side he would eventually have a flat spot and become a good candidate for getting a helmet. We kept trying to switch sides but we could see it was painful for him.

A couple years back we brought our oldest son to see Dr. Carrie when he was getting a lot of ear infections. Since then he has not had one. So we had confidence that she could help our newborn now. She diagnosed him with Torticollis and explained that Torticollis is when your neck does not have full range of motion which has multiple causes, including the way a baby is born and how the baby grows in the mother’s womb.

Dr. Carrie started treating him immediately and always made us feel comfortable by explaining what she is going to do and why before she starts the treatment. After two treatments we saw a huge improvement and after several more treatments he was able to finally move his head and neck with a full range of motion. She saved us from a costly helmet (that most insurances do not cover) and most importantly gave us a normal and happy baby.

We are always amazed by our children’s results to her treatments and we are so grateful for her expertise. Dr. Carrie and her staff are so caring and always made our family feel right at home. They are so eager to help and answer any questions we have. I would recommend Collyard Chiropractic to everyone!

Brandi Pauly, Elk River, MN

I first came to Collyard Chiropractic in December of 2011, needing help with depression and anxiety. I was tired of my family doctor telling me I needed to be on medication that would treat how I was feeling. I was desperate for another form of treatment.

My first visit with Dr. Carrie made me feel like I had finally found where I was supposed to be for healthcare. Dr. Carrie actually listened to me, first as a doctor, then as a fellow wife and mom. She suggested acupuncture, much to my dismay (needles!? in my back!?!). Since nothing else had previously worked, I trusted her judgement. After about a month of acupuncture treatments (roughly 8-10 visits) I was amazed at how much better I felt and was sleeping better than I had in a very long time.

Soon after my first acupuncture treatment I attended one of Dr. Carrie’s essential oils classes. I learned what oils to use to treat certain conditions and how to apply them. I immediately started using them on myself and my 18 month old. The combination of acupuncture and essential oils completely turned our family’s well-being around! I use oils almost daily as a preventative measure against illness with much success. In the past year and a half we have only made one extra clinic visit, outside of annual physicals. We have dramatically cut down the duration’s of colds and I have learned to treat an ear infection without a trip to the doctor!

My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Carrie, Julie and Laura for the care we receive, from adjustments and acupuncture, to caring for our 3 year old Reese while mom and dad receive treatment. We love that the office is kid friendly and Reese loves playing in the toy room and visiting with Julie. We have recommended Collyard Chiropractic to everyone, especially if traditional medical treatment has not been successful.

Sarah & Ryan H., Elk River, MN

The fussiest baby on the block was so relaxed and calm after our appt… so thankful!

Anna B, Elk River, MN

Twice I requested treatment, one for my neck and the other for a muscle in my right hip. The next problem caused me very limited head movement to either side. After several weeks of adjustments and doing the exercises Dr. Carrie had given me to do along with the treatments, the condition was totally resolved with no use of any drugs.

The right hip problem had gotten to the point that using steps or putting on shoes was next to impossible. I had to get creative with putting on shoes. Again, after several weeks of chiropractic adjustments and exercises, the pain was gone and has not returned. No drugs were used this time either.

I sought chiropractic treatment because if I went to a regular physician, I would be given muscle relaxers which would “mask” the real problem. I wanted to be healed of the pain and limitations in a safe way. Dr. Carrie helped make my recovery happen!

Pat I., Elk River, MN

This has been my first experience with a chiropractor and lucky for me, it’s been a good experience! The beginning of the “Golden Years” has left me with more aches and pains than I can deal with. Going to a chiropractor on a regular basis has helped me “cope.” I’ve had every test possible and everything checked and checked again. But my chiropractor experience seems to be helping the most. I like the “personal” touch here and I feel they REALLY DO CARE and REALLY DO want me to feel good again.

Thanks Dr. Carrie! You have been a BIG help!

Shirlee H., Elk River, MN

My name is Pam Kaiser and I’m a nurse who works full time on the night shift as a supervisor at a large psychiatric hospital. Needless to say, I’m on my feet a lot, and at the end of my shift my right hip was so sore I could barely walk. Four years ago, while teaching my son to skate at a roller rink, I was plowed into from behind by a teen aged speed demon. I fell on my back and my left leg was thrown above my head and bounced off the floor. My left leg was stretched – tearing blood vessels and muscles – I was on crutches for a month. A trip to the ER ruled out dislocation or breaks in my bones. I was told that in time the muscles and blood vessels would heal.

Well, three years later my right hip is STILL killing me at the end of my shift. Multiple visits to Medical Doctors and orthopedic specialists along with CAT scans and MRI’s left me frustrated and defeated. I had always been very active, but not any more.

I had never been to a chiropractor simply because it had never occurred to me. On my first visit, Dr. Carrie told me that my left leg had remained somewhat stretched and my right leg was more than an inch shorter than my left leg – which explained why I had so much pain in my right hip.

After a few adjustments, I was pain free for the first time in four years. Now, with intermittent adjustments, I am able to do all the things I used to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carrie! You worked a miracle in my life!

Pam K., Anoka, MN

I have had migraine headaches for the past 10-15 years. It’s been consistent head pain and back twitches and pain shooting down my leg. I use a computer at work and the pain would get so bad I would often have to leave early, not to mention all the other normal activities I couldn’t do because of my bad headaches.

In the past I’ve tried over-the-counter drugs and migraine medicine and they provided no help. I also tried going to another chiropractor, but he just made things worse.

When I first decided to make an appointment with Dr. Carrie I was scared, but she has a very gentle approach and explained everything she was doing. I love the care I get from Dr. Carrie! Now I have fewer headaches and more energy because I’m in a lot less pain. I definitely recommend Dr. Carrie to all my friends and family!

Kristin F., Elk River, MN

In June of 2003, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Dr. Carrie discussed with me the benefits of EDS even though I had been given the cancer diagnosis. I began doing the recommended treatment of detoxifying and supplements for areas of the body that were affected a month before I went for surgery. I went into surgery feeling better and stronger. I stopped the detox while on chemotherapy, but continued on the supplements.

I am pleased to tell you that I am now at 21 months with no signs of cancer, even though I was told that I had less than a 10% chance of survival. Thank you Dr. Carrie!

Terry S., Blaine, MN

I’ve been suffering with neck, shoulder and low back pain and headaches for several years due to fibromyalgia. The pain prevents me from working and has cut my daily activities and hobbies to a minimum. I’ve tried many things in search of pain relief including physical therapy, pain clinics, and medication. Chiropractic care and acupuncture have given me the best results. After my treatments I feel refreshed, less stressed, my alertness is better, muscles are more relaxed, I have less pain. I would not be without Dr. Carrie and chiropractic! They are at the top of my list for health maintenance!

Corey F., Elk River, MN

I’ve struggled with fibromyalgia for 10 years. Over the last few years it has gotten progressively worse, causing severe fatigue, aches, pains and limiting my ability to perform everyday tasks at home and work. I’ve tried many treatments from meds, physical therapy, massage and chiropractic care and none of these provided long term relief.

I heard about Dr. Carrie’s expertise with acupuncture and desperately wanted to try it. I was impressed by the immediate relief the first treatment provided. I then decided to add deep tissue massage and Dr. Carrie’s detox program. The long term results have been incredible!

Today I have so much energy, I feel like a new person. My family and I thank you, Dr. Carrie, for the wonderful care and the relief you’ve provided me.

Paula B., Elk River, MN

I was in a terrible car accident about 2 years ago in which my car flipped and slid down the highway. Ever since, I’ve had awful burning and tightness in my shoulders and back. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Carrie, I’ve had great relief from the pain. Dr. Carrie is absolutely wonderful and her treatment has been very effective. I highly recommend her!

Donna B., Elk River, MN

I came to see Dr. Carrie for severe low back pain. The back pain was bad enough, but I was also getting pain and numbness in both of my legs. I could barely move; walking, sitting and standing all hurt! I was forced to take time off from work. After about a week of suffering, I finally went to see Dr. Carrie. Following only a few treatments, I got much needed relief from my back and leg pain. It wasn’t long before I was able to return to normal activity.

At first I didn’t believe in chiropractic. But after going, I wish I had done it sooner. I now recommend Dr. Carrie to anyone who is suffering. My family and I are patients for life!

Rick L., Elk River, MN

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