I had visited Dr. Carrie’s website and was very impressed by her testimonials and also her vision for wellness. Later, she was recommended by a client who had a similar medical situation as mine. I decided to go ahead and see if this was the real deal. I have had chiropractic and acupuncture care in the past but did not get the feeling of genuine caring or commitment to my wellness as I did at Collyard Chiropractic.

Everything in life depends on something else to work properly (or better), so I believe in combining all of Collyard Chiropractic‘s services for an overall well state of mind and body.

I have and continue to urge family, friends and even medical professionals who have struggled with medical issues. Dr. Carrie will put every effort into the best treatment for each situation without judgment. She will provide you excellent customer service no matter if you are a patient who only comes in when it REALLY hurts, or on a regular maintenance schedule. Dr. Carrie and her team ‘Gets It.’

Ann Holt, Rogers, MN