A couple months after our son came into the world, my husband and I noticed he favored one side and was uncomfortable moving his head and neck to the right. We were unsure why this was and when we brought him in for his 3 month check up the doctor told us we need to make sure we keep switching his head to each side. If he continued to lie on just one side he would eventually have a flat spot and become a good candidate for getting a helmet. We kept trying to switch sides but we could see it was painful for him.

A couple years back we brought our oldest son to see Dr. Carrie when he was getting a lot of ear infections. Since then he has not had one. So we had confidence that she could help our newborn now. She diagnosed him with Torticollis and explained that Torticollis is when your neck does not have full range of motion which has multiple causes, including the way a baby is born and how the baby grows in the mother’s womb.

Dr. Carrie started treating him immediately and always made us feel comfortable by explaining what she is going to do and why before she starts the treatment. After two treatments we saw a huge improvement and after several more treatments he was able to finally move his head and neck with a full range of motion. She saved us from a costly helmet (that most insurances do not cover) and most importantly gave us a normal and happy baby.

We are always amazed by our children’s results to her treatments and we are so grateful for her expertise. Dr. Carrie and her staff are so caring and always made our family feel right at home. They are so eager to help and answer any questions we have. I would recommend Collyard Chiropractic to everyone!

Brandi Pauly, Elk River, MN