I have had migraine headaches for the past 10-15 years. It’s been consistent head pain and back twitches and pain shooting down my leg. I use a computer at work and the pain would get so bad I would often have to leave early, not to mention all the other normal activities I couldn’t do because of my bad headaches.

In the past I’ve tried over-the-counter drugs and migraine medicine and they provided no help. I also tried going to another chiropractor, but he just made things worse.

When I first decided to make an appointment with Dr. Carrie I was scared, but she has a very gentle approach and explained everything she was doing. I love the care I get from Dr. Carrie! Now I have fewer headaches and more energy because I’m in a lot less pain. I definitely recommend Dr. Carrie to all my friends and family!

Kristin F., Elk River, MN