Twice I requested treatment, one for my neck and the other for a muscle in my right hip. The next problem caused me very limited head movement to either side. After several weeks of adjustments and doing the exercises Dr. Carrie had given me to do along with the treatments, the condition was totally resolved with no use of any drugs.

The right hip problem had gotten to the point that using steps or putting on shoes was next to impossible. I had to get creative with putting on shoes. Again, after several weeks of chiropractic adjustments and exercises, the pain was gone and has not returned. No drugs were used this time either.

I sought chiropractic treatment because if I went to a regular physician, I would be given muscle relaxers which would “mask” the real problem. I wanted to be healed of the pain and limitations in a safe way. Dr. Carrie helped make my recovery happen!

Pat I., Elk River, MN