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Sep 2015
I was inspired by my work day a few weeks ago. Not because it was extraordinarily different from any day of work. Rather, because the realm of our “every day” exceeds what most people...

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May 2015
Those of us who own a vehicle know the importance of maintenance. We know that if we present our car to the mechanic every so often we will have a much less likelihood to...

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Apr 2014
“Behind every good kid is a mom pretty sure she is screwing everything up.” A mom called our office a while ago desperate to get her infant son in for a spinal check after...

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Mar 2014
January brought in a large number of shoulder complaints this year. These patient’s constant pain is often accompanied with significant decreased range of motion. Their symptoms drastically increase with simple activities and continue to...

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Feb 2014
One of the most common questions I get asked is, “what do you use acupuncture for”? I generally rattle off a long list of complaints and concerns that have appeared on my table. The...

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